DiTal connects diverse talent and top tech companies committed to diversity, equality and inclusion. 

We want to create a community where employers, recruiters and candidates feel welcomed and empowered to learn and talk about unconscious biases, diversity, equality and inclusion, discuss the best practices to hire and nurture talent, as well as be hired and nurtured. With DiTal, we all win.

We support companies by helping them create a plan to make their workplace better, more nurturing and engaging. A place were their talent feels empowered, engaged, and does not only grow but thrive.

Stela Suils Cuesta, DiTal's Founder

I am an entrepreneu, an activist and a community builder.

People who were different from me always interested me more than peopel who looked and thought like me. The experiences were richer; I always learnt something new and exciting, and it broaden my picture of the world. Curious to understand how people think and behave, and how could I help them feeling better, making the world a better place, I studied Psychology.

For over ten years, I lived abroad and I idealised Europe. Over two years ago, we decided to move from Dubai to Lisbon. I was working remotely for a tech company, so I didn't have a local community. This led me to start one online for women in blockchain, the industry I was part of, and a local one for Women in Tech. Once I jumped on my own, I started Lean In Women Founders.

When I started researching the estate of European Tech for my presentatiom at the Web Summit 2019, I was shocked by the numbers. At that time, I had already extensive experience in Diversity & Inclusion through my work as a Lean In Regional Leader and TEDxWomen organizer in Dubai. We had just launched Lean In Portugal Network, and we were organising regular meetups in Lisbon. But after seeing those numbers, it didn't feel enough! In January 2020 I started working on DiTal full time. An idea that began with the Web Summit and that is today taking shape thanks to amazing people like you.


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