- A group of interdependent beings growing together. 

- A group of people who have similar interests or who want to achieve something together.

Our mission is to create more equality in tech.
To create a solution that solves the lack of diversity in the tech ecosystem and is good for everyone, we need to deeply understand the problem. For that, we are conducting an extensive research, and we need your help. We are starting with gender and will keep evolving to make sure everyone is included.

- Are you, or do you know a woman looking for a job (or that has recently been), either a technical or leadership role for European Tech Companies/Startups?

- Are you working in HR/Talent/Recruitment in the European Tech Ecosystem or know someone who is?

Please share your experience with us. 

Ways to share your feedback


Survey for Candidates


Survey for HR, Recruiters and Talent Professionals


I would rather talk on a 20 minute interview!

DiTal aims to become a community, a place of gathering and learning for both parties: people looking for a job and people looking for new team members.

We envision DiTal as a place where we learn from each other, where we practice common ownership, where we all win.

What do we mean with that?
We want to enable companies to identify good practices that promote diversity, equality, and inclusion. Here, they will learn how to improve the hiring and recruiting experience that they offer to candidates, how to attract top talent, and how to retain them. All of that thanks to the feedback shared by the talented individuals that use DiTal to find their next team.
Companies, at the same time, can share not only their expectations, requirements, offer and needs, but also useful tips and insights for candidates to learn and improve their skills, and be better prepared for the hiring process. 

We advocate for a transparent, fair and equal workplace.

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