Diversity matters, let's check the numbers

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By the year 2025, millennials will make up to 75% of the global workforce. The 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey states that 74% of these individuals believe their organization is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion. 
A 2016 survey shows that 47% of millennials are actively looking for diversity and inclusion when sizing up potential employers. And this 2019 survey shows that 75% of millenials would look to leave employers that didn't prioritize Diversity & Inclusion.

If companies are looking to hire and retain a millennial workforce, diversity must be a key part of the company culture.



Gender equality remains a major issue in today's corporate world. Despite an abundance of research confirming that companies with more women in the C-Suite are more profitable, and companies like Goldman Sachs stating that they’re "not going to take a company public unless there’s at least one diverse board candidate, with a focus on women", there is still a gender gap in the vast majority of companies.

Women remain significantly underrepresented in the corporate pipeline, with fewer women than men hired at entry level, and representation declining further at every subsequent step. 


This graph has been taken from the Women in the Workplace Study, by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org, and shows that the “broken rung” at the first step up to manager is the biggest obstacle that women face on the
path to leadership.

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"The power of #sisterhood to build inclusive technology and fight bias" took place at the Web Summit, considered "the best technology conference on the planet”.

Some people fail to understand that talent is equally distributed around the globe, but opportunities aren't. Studies show that diverse companies have improved financial results, productivity, and innovation.

At DiTal, we believe that equal opportunity and equal pay need to be part of the businesses’ strategies and company culture, and research proves our approach
is a win-win for everyone.

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